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10 Essential Tips For Meeting Tech Needs of Low-Income Schools

This article discussed the different ways that schools with fewer resources can meet the technology standards that more affluent schools have. With this, the article gave 10 different tips for meeting these needs, they include: keep goals and mission in mind, tech should compliment not replace, involve families, don’t let trends dictate decisions, support teachers, use tech to free up teacher time, track data, expect excellence, not achievement, understand start-up world, and build relationships with vendors.

Q1. What is your opinion of the article?

I thought this article was very insightful. Coming from a well off Catholic high school to CMU, I was never technology deprived. I found the different tips interesting, and even though they were aimed at schools with less technology, I believe that they are still helpful in schools with a lot of technology. In general, this article gave me a different point of view on technology.

Q2. Does this help or hinder your teaching practice?

This article will definitely help me in my teaching practice. If I end up teaching or working in a school that is in a less fortunate I could use these tips to help me. I always knew that incorporating technology into the classroom was an important part of learning, but these tips gave me different was to do it. For instance, the article explained how a math class incorporated an online tool to help with learning a different math subject than the current subject being taught. With math, it can sometimes be difficult to teach in an interesting way, but also by using technology, not only can students learn, but they can have fun as well!

Q3. How can this affect your relationship with students, parents, etc.

These 10 tips can help my relationships with students and parents, in I believe a positive way. By using technology, I could include parents as well as students in different activities. The article gave an example using language arts. In the article it showed how families who learned English as their second language, used tablets to help not only their children with their homework, but helped themselves become more proficient in the English language as well. By helping their children read or do problems, they were working on bettering their English too. I believe this helps the relationship between the parents and the teacher grow stronger, because not only will the student accomplish a goal, but the parent will as well!


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